Keysight TechnologiesMultimeter Test Lead U1164A Fine Tip Test Probe, CAT II 300 V

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Keysight U1164A Fine Tip Probes

The Keysight U1164A Multimeter test probes feature a fine tip for those challenging cables and wires. Due to the precision of the fine tip, piercing silicone or rubber cable types is made easier. Perfect for electricians or engineers who require probes for delicate applications. All models are highly reliable and excellent quality.

Features and Benefits

One pair (red and black) of fine tip probes. Recommended for with Keysight standard test leads.
CAT II 300V, 3A

What are test probes?

Connecting to multimeters, a set of test probes will measure the device or target for an accurate reading, such as voltage or current. Due to the flexibility and quality produced by Keysight Technologies, each probe provides much-needed precision.

What are the differences between safety categories?

For protection, safety categories are an important attribute which must be taken into consideration for any electronic test equipment. With any category (i.e CAT II, CAT III), a higher voltage will indicate a higher level of protection. As an example, a test probe providing CAT III 1000 V, provides a higher degree of protection than a CAT III 600 V probe.

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Attribute Value
Lead Type Fine Tip Test Probe
Current Rating 3A
Safety Category Voltage 300V
Safety Category CAT II 300 V
Safety Category Level CAT II
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