Ideal Networks Network Cable Tester, NAVITEK NT PRO

COO (Country of Origin): MY

Ideal Network Cable Tester

The Ideal Networks NaviTEK NT Pro is a network cable tester for troubleshooting and maintenance along with testing of active and passive copper and fibre networks. The more accommodative and improved graphical interface allows technicians to identify and solve network connection issues in a shorter period. It includes features such as fibre optic cable interface, optical power level and pass/fail indication supported SFP. The autotest button performs a suite of network tests such as Internet connectivity, Ping, DNS, Gateway, Traceroute and Netscan. This cable tester now allows a network trouble-shooter (copper/fibre) to identify and solve network connectivity issues quickly.

Features and Benefits

Cable tester including a touchscreen NET TEST provides detailed network information PoE, service detection and port information Real-time display of network traffic Test storage and PDF reporting Traffic utilisation bar graph Cable tracing/distance to fault (TDR) VLAN detection and support Supports IDEAL AnyWARE App


Network service detection-port info, IP/MAC addresses and operates on VLAN Monitor traffic and real-time display of broadcast network traffic Copper and fibre cable tests-wire map, distance to fault, PoE and optical power indication

Attribute Value
Classification Cat5e
Equipment Type Network Tester
Tone Yes
Power Source Battery, Mains
Battery Life 5 h
Dimensions 80 x 40 x 175mm
Weight 400g
Display Type LCD - Touch Screen
Height 175mm
Length 80mm
Width 40mm
Model Number p NAVITEK NT PRO
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HK$ 11,009.73
Per unit
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