EA Elektro-Automatik Network Interface Card

COO (Country of Origin): DE

Programmable Power Supplies - PSi 800 Series

These industrial power supplies provide laboratory features such as 0 to 100% adjustment, read back of V & I, high stability and low ripple making them perfectly suitable for purely automated applications in which no manual controls or meters are required.,The flexible "auto-ranging" output on the 1kW and 1.5kW types allow the use with either a high voltage or a high current requirement within the stipulated power rating. Typical usages are electronic component or circuit testing, age testing, heating, electro-chemical processes, all being controlled by AD/DA cards or PLCs.

Microprocessor controlled and programmable power supplies with active PFC
Graphic display of all values and functions
Selectable fixed output voltage mode
Analogue interface 0-10V, master slave parallel operation
Remote sensing, alarm management, over-voltage protection and over-temperature protection
Plug n play digital interface slot (RS232, CAN, USB and Ethernet) allows remote control by PC
Freeware "easypower lite" for automated testing & data logging (csv format)
Natural convection cooling for 320W to 650W types
Integrated fan cooling for 1kW and 1.5kW types
Flexible auto-ranging output on 1kW and 1.5kW types
Rugged wall/panel mounting housing


Interface not supplied, each unit is fitted with a blanking plate. For Interface cards see stk nos 686-1028, 686-1031, 686-1038 and 686-1040.


EN 61204, EN 55022 Class B


EN 60950

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