GE, 4 Pin, Non Integrated Compact Fluorescent Bulbs, 21 W, 2700K, Extra Warm White

  • RS庫存編號 899-7858
  • 製造零件編號 85143
  • 製造商 GE
COO (Country of Origin): HU

GE 2D™ Watt-Miser™ External Starter Required

Biax™ 2D™ compact fluorescent lamps have been available for many years but GE is introducing the next generation of lamps under the name of 2D™ Watt-Miser™. These are available in 16, 21, 28 and 38 Watt in a wide choice of colour temperatures, these lamps are a direct replacement to existing 2D fixtures delivering the same life of 15,000 hours in case of 28 and 38 Watt but additional energy saving performance, 2D™ Watt-Miser™ lamps give similar lumen as the lamps they are replacing but up to 12% energy saving dependent upon ballast and wattage. Saving energy cost: 16W lamp runs on 14W*, 21W lamp runs on 19W*, 28W lamp runs on 24W* and 38W runs on 34W*. (* = When used with electronic ballasts).

16 & 28W 2D™ Watt-Miser™ lamp available in 2 & 4-pin versions
2-pin design with internal starter (RS 780-6300 and 780-6303)
4-pin design optimised for high frequency operation and also suitable for emergency lighting (RS 780-6307 and 780-6316)
21 & 38W 2D™ Watt-Miser™ lamp available only in 4-pin version
Superior lumen maintenance – over 80% of the initial lumen output at 15,000 hours (21W=12,000 hours)
Excellent colour rendering – CRI Ra 82
Compatible with existing ballasts and fittings.

Compact Fluorescent Lamps

Energy saving of typically 75-80% when compared to GLS lamps of a comparable light output
Long life, 10000 hours typically, which equates to lower maintenance costs
2-pin versions have integral starters and should only be used with switch start ballasts
4-pin versions are designed primarily for use with high frequency ballasts or in emergency lighting applications
Triphosphor coatings give good colour rendition: Ra 80 to 89
Choice of colour temperatures


Please note that some types of lamps are inter-changeable, as long
as lamps of similar characteristics are used. These are:

Philips PL-L and GE Biax L
Philips PL-S (2pin), Osram Dulux S and GE Biax S
Philips PL-S (4pin), Osram Dulux S (4pin) and GE Biax S/E
Philips PL-C (2pin), Osram Dulux D and GE Biax D
Philips PL-C (4pin), Osram Dulux D (4pin) and GE Biax D/E

Attribute Value
Wattage 21 W
Number of Pins 4
Shape Twin Tube
Lamp Base GR10q
Length 142 mm
Colour Temperature 2700K
Colour Reference 827
Colour Tone Extra Warm White
Number of loops 2
Incandescent Equivalent Wattage 15W
Life Hours 12000h
Diameter 138mm
Luminosity 1375 lm
Colour Rendering 82
EU Energy Efficiency Rating A
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