Omron SPDT Non-Latching Relay PCB Mount, 24V dc Coil, 10 A

  • RS庫存編號 366-265
  • 製造零件編號 G2R-1 24DC
  • 製造商 Omron

G2R Series

General purpose PCB power relay used in various domestic and commercial applications
8mm creepage/clearance
H25.5 x W13 x D29 mm


UL508; CSA22.2; EN 61810-1; SEV; SEMKO


G2R-1 24DC General Purpose Power Non-Latching Relay.

Omron G2R-1 24DC Non-latching relay is a general purpose power relay having an excellent safety design and dielectric strength 5000 V between the coil and contacts. This general purpose relay also provides PCB terminals, single pole, surge resistance of 10000 V plus is RoHS compliant.

Features and Benefits G2R-1 24DC Standard Capacity Non-Latching Relay.

PCB Terminal. Standard capacity relay Single-side stable. Flux protection. SPDT AC/DC Contacts. 1 Poles NO/NC (normally open/normally closed).

Relay Coil Ratings.

Rated voltage 24 V dc. Rated current 21.8 mA. Coil resistance 1100 Ω. Must operate voltage 70% max. Must release voltage 15% minimum. Maximum voltage 170% at 23°C. Power consumption 0.53 VA approx.

Standard Non-Latching Relay.

ontact resistance 30 mΩ max. Operate time 15 ms max. Dielectric strength 5000 V ac, 50/60 Hz for 1 min (between coil and contacts). Dielectric strength 3000 V ac, 50/60 Hz for 1 min (between contacts of different polarity). Dielectric strength 1000 V ac, 50/60 Hz for 1 min (between contacts of the same polarity). Vibration resistance – destruction and malfunction 10 to 55 to 10 Hz (0.75 mm single amplitude) (1.5 mm double amplitude). Shock resistance – destruction 1000 m/s². Shock resistance – malfunction 200 m/s² (energised) 100 m/s² (not energised). Operating temperature -40°C to 70°C (no icing). Weight 17 g (approx).

Connecting Sockets 1-Pole.

Model P2R-05P, Back mounting socket, stock number 353950. Model P2R-057P, Back mounting socket, stock number 2604446.
Model P2RF-05-E, Track / surface mounted socket, stock number 353944.
Model P2RF-05, Track / surface mounted socket, stock number 8276781.

Relay Mounting Track.

Model PFP-50N, (for track connecting socket), 50 cm x 7.3mm, stock number 8278400. PFP-100N, (for track connecting socket), 1 m x 7.3 mm, stock number 8278403.
PFP-100N2, (for track connecting socket), 1 m x 16 mm, stock number 8278406.

End Plate.

Model PFP-M, stock number 8278419.

Spacer Plate.

Model PFP-S, stock number 8278412.

Attribute Value
Coil Voltage 24 V dc
Coil Resistance 1.1 kΩ
Contact Configuration SPDT
Mounting Type PCB Mount
Switching Current 10A
Terminal Type Through Hole
Maximum Switching Power AC 2.5 kVA
Height 25.5mm
Depth 13mm
Maximum Switching Power DC 300 W
Series G2R-1
Length 29mm
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