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  • 製造商 RS PRO
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RS PRO Deluxe Drafter Labour Office Chair

Introducing RS PRO office chairs, an ergonomic range of high quality and durable chairs with adjustable features, suitable for use within an office environment. The RS PRO Deluxe Drafter Labour office chair is best suited for working at a high desk or workbench due to the higher seating position and deluxe ring kit conversion with movable footrest, ensuring optimum posture throughout the day.

The polyurethane cushioned seat offers excellent comfort that is easy to clean and maintain, reducing the risk of deterioration from spillages and dirt. The seat can be adjusted to the required height via a gas lift mechanism, allowing it to be placed in a variety of locations with variable heights.

The durable five star nylon base features glides for greater stability on hard floors, reducing the risk of unwanted movement. The adjustable foot ring helps to further enhance stability and support, providing the user with somewhere to position their feet when the chair is in a high position.

Features and Benefits

• Ergonomic design for ultimate comfort and posture
• Cushioned polyurethane seat that is easy to clean and maintain
• Durable five star base with glides for extra stability
• Gas lift seat for adjustable height
• Adjustable foot ring to maintain posture and comfort when seated in a high position
• Easy self assembly
• Floating or fixed permanent contact backrest in order to enhance comfort

What type of office chair should I use?

RS PRO offers a wide range of ergonomically designed office chairs and furniture designed to maintain correct posture and comfort throughout the working day. the type of chair required will depend on the working environment it is going to be used in. For example, a standard swivel desk chair is ideal for use at a desk, whereas a luxurious executive chair featuring leather or faux leather is best suited to a boardroom.
Other types of chairs include:

• Drafting Chairs - ideal for when a higher seat is required
• Kneeling Chairs - for sitting in a position with the thighs dropped so some of the body’s weight supported by the shins. They are designed to relieve lower back strain.
• Lab Chairs - best suited for labs and hospitals as they have wipe-clean vinyl or polyurethane covers.
• Stacking Chairs - traditional 4-legged chairs designed to be stacked on top of one another for easy storage. These are popular in meeting rooms.
• Stools - chairs without a backrest and are height adjustable.
• Typist Chairs - similar to desk chairs. However, they usually have a higher backrest and no armrests to aid typing.

What material is this chair made from?

Office chairs are made with a number of different materials such as fabric, leather or plastic, each designed with comfort and durability in mind for the environment required. Many office chairs also feature mesh inserts for lumbar support and breathability. The RS PRO Deluxe Drafter Labour office chair is made with a polyurethane cushioned seat and backrest that helps to maintain comfort throughout the day.

Can the height be adjusted?

As the RS PRO Deluxe Drafter Labour office chair features a gas lift mechanism, the height can be adjusted accordingly by simply pulling on the lever just below the seat. If the lever is pulled whilst pressure is applied to the seat it will lower, in order to raise the height, pull the lever whilst less pressure or no pressure is applied to the seat.

Attribute Value
Chair Type Drafting Chair
Wheeled No
Height Adjustable Yes
Back Adjustable Yes
Colour Black
Seat Material Plastic
Maximum Seat Height 83cm
Minimum Seat Height 59cm
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