Pico Technology TA065 Test Probe Accessory Kit, For Use With TA133 Probes, TA150 Probes

COO (Country of Origin): DE

Pico 2.5 mm Oscilloscope Probe Advanced Accessory Kit TA065

Pico TA065 is an advaned accessory kit for 2.5 mm passive probes. The TA065 kit contains: coding rings (set) 3x4 colours; 2.5mm ground blade;15cm ground lead; 2.5mm ground spring; 2.5mm IC cap 0.5 mm pitch, green;; 2.5mm IC cap 0.65 mm pitch, blue; 2.5mm IC cap 0.8 mm pitch, grey; 2.5mm IC cap 1.0 mm pitch, brown; 2.5mm IC cap 1.27 mm pitch, black; insulating cap; 2.5mm PCB adapter kit; self-adhesive Cu pad 2 x 2 cm (x2); 0.5mm Solid tip CuBe; 0.5mm spring tip gold plated; 2.5mm sprung hook; BNC adapter. Compatible probes are: TA061 ( 898-6832 ) 1.5 GHz low-impedance probe with SMA; TA062 ( 898-6836 )1.5 GHz low-impedance probe with BNC; TA150 ( 898-6826 )350 MHz high-impedance probe; TA133 ( 898-6820 ) 500 MHz high-impedance probe. Pico ergonomically designed passive oscilloscope probes are suitable for use with the PicoScope range of USB oscilloscopes and all major brands of oscilloscopes.

Attribute Value
Accessory Type Advanced Accessory Kit
For Use With TA133 Probes, TA150 Probes
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