RS PRO Oscilloscope Probe, Probe Type: Differential, High Voltage 50MHz 1.5kV

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  • 製造商 RS PRO
COO (Country of Origin): CN

RS Pro DC-50 MHz High Voltage Differential Probe RSDPB4080

RS Pro high-voltage differential probes are designed for the measurement of high-voltage differential signal, to meet the demand for floating measurement. The high bandwidth meets the demand for most measurement systems.
The probes are equipped with standard BNC input connectors. They can be used with any manufacturer oscilloscope (oscilloscope input impedance should set to 1 MΩ. When 50 Ω is selected, the attenuation multiply attenuates doubles) to test waveform of the tested circuits. There is an automatic save function, to prevent users reoperating in case of power supply drops. The probes have good capability of common mode noise suppression and can be widely used in the research and development, debugging or overhauling work for switching power supply, frequency converter, electronic ballast, frequency conversion electronic appliances and other electric power equipment.

Features and Benefits

Bandwidth DC-50 MHz
Rise time ≤7 ns
DC accuracy ±1%
Attenuation ratio 50 X/500 X
Maximum differential test voltage (DC + Peak AC) 10 X: 80 V, 100 X: 800 V
Maximum input common mode voltage (voltage-to-earth Vrms) 800 Vrms
Input impedance single-ended to ground 27 MΩ, two inputs 54 MΩ
Input capacitance single-ended to ground <2.3 pF, two inputs <1.2 pF
CMRR: DC >80 dB; 100 kHz >60 dB; 1 MHz >50 dB
Propagation delay 18 ns ± 1 ns
Power supply 9 V DC power
Probe body dimensions 165 x 69 x 26 mm
Probe body weight approximately 500 g

Applications include:

Floating voltage measurement
Frequency converter
Welding, plating power supplies
Induction heating, electomagnetic oven

Attribute Value
Probe Type Differential, High Voltage
Attenuation 1:10, 1:100
Bandwidth 50MHz
Maximum Common Mode Input Voltage 1.5kV
Number of Probes 1
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