BV0007B -1FY Oscilloscope Software

COO (Country of Origin): US

Keysight BV0007B Power Meter/Power Sensor Control & Analysis Software Application

The Power Meter application within BenchVue enables control of power meters to data log and visualize measurements in a wide array of display options. Control multiple meters sensors from a single instance. Calibrate faster with software buttons. Presets allow for faster analysis of power levels of industry standard communications signals.

Display Types Include:

• Digital meter view - precisions readings (up to 4 decimal points) measured by the instrument Analog meter view - measured readings in analog form for easier visualization of large measurement differences
Strip chart - measured readings in a graphical form (power/time)
CCDF view - complementary cumulative distribution function display
Trace view - traces of modulated signal display
Multi-list view - multiple power measurements display

Automate test sequences with the included Test Flow app. Combined with SCPI commands or Command Expert blocks, Test Flow enables simple sequencing of instrument settings and measurements. Combine multiple instruments together to create your own automated test. Together with full automation instrument control via Command Expert, you can get deeper test automation while simplifying your workflow.

Control and setup your power meters and sensors

• Setup all the necessary parameters for your critical measurements • Control multiple power meters/sensors from one instance of the software

Log and view measurement data in the format you need

With 6 different display types seeing what you care about has never been easier or more flexible

Export results in three clicks

Export data quickly to popular tools such as MATLAB and Microsoft Excel or Word for further analysis in only a few clicks.

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