Hanna Instruments pH & Water Analysis Electrode Storage Solution


Hanna Instruments pH & Water Analysis Electrode Cleaning and Storage Solutions

Accessories for Electrodes, Hanna Instruments offer solutions ideal for maintenance, calibration and storage. Made with chemicals that are traceable and conform to international standards. Preventing premature failure and reliable and accurate pH measurement their cleaning and storage solutions are of high quality.

Cleaning Solution:

Used for cleaning the liquid junction of electrodes, regular maintenance with this cleaning solution prevents clogging which often leads to inaccurate readings. Containing Hydrochloric Acid 0.034%, protective equipment should be used as per the manufacturers guidelines. Supplied in a 460ml bottle.

Storage Solution:

Used to store the glass probes and re-calibrate meters, the storage solution is a buffer with antibacterial properties. This solution is prepared with high grade Potassium Chloride and Potassium hydrogen Phthalate by titration with NIST 2201 standardised Silver Nitrate and NIST 84j standardised Sodium Hydroxide Solution respectively. Supplied in a 460ml bottle.

Note: Never store Electrodes in distilled or deionized water.

Frequently asked questions:

How often should you clean Electrodes?

Hard waters, viscous and dirty samples are two of the many reasons Electrodes need regular cleaning. Cleaning should be a regular preventative maintenance procedure to prevent premature electrode failure, ideally once a day or at least once per week. Maintenance should be carried out regularly or as soon as build up has been detected.

How to know if an Electrode needs cleaning:

Noise - If readings fluctuate the junction could be clogged or dirty and may need cleaning.

Dry Membrane/Junction or Low Slope - The Electrode will need soaking in a storage solution.

No Slope - If the pH meter reads the same value constantly there could be cracks and an electrode replacement would be needed as apposed to cleaning.

Slow Response/Excessive drift - The tip will need soaking in a cleaning solution, and then a storage solution to re-calibrate the meter.

Always follow manufacturers instructions for Electrode cleaning and storage.

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