Single Parameter(s) Sulphite pH Test Strip, max. measurement 500ppm - 50 strips

COO (Country of Origin): US

Sulphite Test Strips

From Instruments Direct, a pack of individual Sulphite test strips designed for measuring the levels of sulphite present in water-based solutions. The sulphite test strips are made from a plastic section with a sealed test paper in the tip. These testing strips are easy to use and provide accurate results within 15 seconds.

What is sulphite used for?

Sulphites are substances that occur naturally in some foods. It is also a chemical that can be used as an additive to prolong the shelf life of foodstuffs, maintain food colour and enhance the flavour. Sulphites can also help prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi.

How to use the test strip

• Take a single testing strip and immerse the tip into the solution or sample to be tested
• Swirl the strip in the solution three times
• Remove the strip from the solution and carefully shake off any excess liquid.
• Expose the indicator tip to the air and wait for 15 seconds
• Compare the test strip with the indicator colour chart on the on the label
• The concentration range of 10, 501 100, 250 and 500 ppm

Features and Benefits

• Accurate, rapid results
• Easy and simple to use
• Dip and read results in seconds
• Supplied in a compact vial
• 50 single-use strips
• Full range indicator scale on the tube


Testing strips are generally used to check the concentration levels of sulphites in a solution. The higher the concentration the darker brown the tip of the strip will turn. Some of the most common applications and environments for single use test strips are

• Food processing plants and factories
• Vineyards and distilleries
• Hospitals
• Calibration laboratories

Attribute Value
Strip Type Sulphite
Multiple Parameter Single
Maximum Measurement 500ppm
Number of Strips 50
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