Texas Instruments, DLP4500FQE Visible Light 1-Element Photodetector, 700Nm, Surface Mount LCCC package

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DLP4500 series, Texas Instruments

The DLP4500 digital micromirror device (DMD) is a digitally controlled MOEMS (micro-opto-electromechanical system) spatial light modulator (SLM). When coupled to an appropriate optical system, the DLP4500 can be used to modulate the amplitude and/or direction of incoming light. The DLP4500 creates light patterns with speed, precision, and efficiency.

The DLP4500 is a latchable, electrical-in/optical-out semiconductor device. The compact physical size of the DLP4500 is well-suited for portable equipment where small form factor and lower cost are important. The compact package compliments the small size of LEDs to enable highly efficient, robust light engines.

The DLP4500 is one of two devices in the DLP 0.45 WXGA chip set. The DLP4500 is optimised for the visible light spectrum (420-700nm) and the DLP4500NIR in the Near Infra-red spectrum (700-2500nm).

Proper function and reliable operation of the DLP4500 requires that it be used in conjunction with the DLPC350 controller.

Typical Applications

Machine Vision
Industrial Inspection
3D Scanning
3D Optical Metrology
Automated Fingerprint Identification
Face Recognition
Augmented Reality
Interactive Display
Information Overlay
Chemical Analysers
Medical Instruments
Virtual Gauges

Digital Micromirror Device (DMD)

Attribute Value
Spectrums Detected Visible Light
Wavelength of Peak Sensitivity 700nm
Number of Elements 1
Number of Pins 80
Mounting Type Surface Mount
Dimensions 20.7 x 9.1 x 3.398mm
Package Type LCCC
Height 3.398mm
Length 20.7mm
Maximum Wavelength Detected 700nm
Minimum Wavelength Detected 420nm
Width 9.1mm
Spectral Range of Sensitivity 420 → 700 nm
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