Schneider Electric PLC Expansion Module Memory Card Memory 16 MB

COO (Country of Origin): FR

Modicon M340 CPU Memory Cards

All Modicon M340 processors are supplied with an 8Mb SD (Secure Digital) type Flash memory card. This memory card is intended for backing up the program, symbols and comments and the constants. Duplication and retrieval (on return of power) operations are managed automatically by the system and are therefore transparent to the user.,This card (formatted by Schneider Electric and supplied with each processor) is referenced as a replacement part BMXRMS008MP (147-657).,For BMXP342010/2020/2030 processors the BMXRMS008MPF (147-950) also offers 16Mb and BMXRMS128MPF (681-8719) offer 128Mb additional file storage and standard web services (Transparent Ready class B10) if a TCP/IP port is available

Schneider Electric Modicon M340 PLC

Equipped with astounding memory and performances, this featherweight version will inspire your applications with new momentum. Designed to operate in total synergy with other Schneider Electric devices, Modicon M340 a building block towards your total solution.


Data rate: 20kb/s to 1Mb/s (bus length dependent)
Internal RAM capacity: 4Mb (3584kb of program memory); 256kb of data memory

Compact design

3 communication ports integrated in the processor
Mounting in low depth cabinet (<150mm)
High-density discrete I/O modules with 64 channels in a 32mm wide format

Communicative, with its integrated ports

CANopen machine and installation bus
Ethernet TCP/IP network - Transparent Ready
Modbus serial link or character mode
Remote access via STN, GSM, Radio or ADSL


Counter modules with ready-to-use functions
Function block library dedicated to motion control. MF(Motion Function Blocks) to the PLCopen standard
Advanced library of process control blocks oriented towards control of machinery

Innovative and Ruggedness

USB port as standard
Embedded webserver
Recipe file management via FTP protocol
“Plug and Load” SD memory card
No batteries
Rack architecture enabling hot swapping of modules during operation (Hot-Swap)
Exceeds the standards in terms of shocks, vibrations, temperature, altitude and withstand to electrical interference.


Attribute Value
For Use With BMX P34
Module Type Memory Card
Memory Available Yes
Memory 16 MB
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