Mitsubishi FX2N Series PLC I/O Module 16 Inputs, 24 V dc, 90 x 40 x 87 mm

  • RS庫存編號 320-9109
  • 製造零件編號 FX2N-16EX-ES/UL
  • 製造商 Mitsubishi
COO (Country of Origin): JP

Digital Expansion Blocks

These are available in 8 or 16 input or output point sizes. They attach directly to the right hand end of the Base Unit or Expansion Unit (see Digital Expansion Units below) which also provides them with power. Input blocks are opto-isolated, 24Vdc sink or source selectable to suit NPN or PNP sensors, and output blocks are available with relay or transistor outputs. The number of blocks that may be added depends on a number of factors. However, as a guide, with the FX1N, blocks up to 32 I/O can be added. Further expansion (of FX1N and FX2N) is achieved by adding an Expansion Unit (see 2 below), which in turn can be further expanded by adding more Expansion Blocks. With the FX2N, the number of I/O that can be added depends on the size of the Base Unit. For 16 and 32 I/O FX2N base units and 32 I/O Expansion units, up to 32 inputs, or 24 outputs, or (for example) 24 inputs and 8 outputs can be added. For larger Base and Expansion Units, up to 64 inputs, or 48 outputs, or (for example) 32 inputs and 24 outputs can be added. For full configuration details and limitations, please refer to the FX1N and FX2N Hardware Manuals.

Mitsubishi Digital Expansion Module

The Mitsubishi FX2N series digital expansion module has 16 digital input (24VDC sink/source selectable). They can be attached directly to the right-hand end of the base unit or expansion unit that also provides power. Input points can be configured in both sink and source, selectable to suit NPN or PNP devices. With the FX2N, the number of I/O are added depending upon the size of the base unit.


• Industrial automation
• Robotics
• Automobile industry


• UL/cUL certified
• CE approval

Additional Modules for Mitsubishi FX1S, FX1N & FX2N PLC's

Products in this range are for use with FX1S, FX1N and FX2N PLC, unless specified otherwise. All are DIN rail mount and are 90mm high and 87mm deep. The width varies and is tabled below.

All of the following products, except the Extension Cable, attach directly to the right hand end of the previous unit, block or module using the short integral lead.

Attribute Value
Manufacturer Series FX2N Series
Number of Inputs 16
Input Type Digital
For Use With FX2N Series
Voltage Category 24 V dc
Module Type Input Module
Length 90mm
Width 40mm
Depth 87mm
Dimensions 90 x 40 x 87 mm
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單價 個
HK$ 1,939.08
Per unit
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