Schneider Electric Expansion Module

COO (Country of Origin): FR

Twido Analogue Input/Output Modules

All analogue modules have removable screw terminals

Schneider Electric Twido Digital & Analogue I/O Modules & HMI

Small form factor Twido digital and analogue Input, Output and Input/Output modules with a choice of the following:

Digital input modules: 8-point, 16-point and 32-point, equipped with either terminal blocks or connector wiring
Digital output modules: 8-point and 16-point relay output modules; 8-point, 16-point and 32-point transistor sink output modules; and 8-point, 16-point, and 32-point transistor source output modules, equipped with either terminal blocks or connector wiring
Mixed digital Input and Output modules, consisting of one 4-point input/4-point output module with terminal block wiring, and one 16-point input/8-point output module with wire-clamp terminal block wiring

Attribute Value
For Use With Megelis XBT GC
當前暫無庫存,可於2020/1/8發貨,4 工作日送達。
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HK$ 3,103.88
Per unit
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