RS PRO 12 pieces Insulated Pliers and Screwdriver Set

  • RS庫存編號 125-3100
  • 製造商 RS PRO
COO (Country of Origin): TR

RS PRO 12 Piece Insulated Pliers and Screwdriver Set

From the trusted RS PRO brand, this high quality insulated tool kit is highly versatile. Insulated to protect you from up to 1000V, the toolset also includes a single-pole voltmeter, and so is well suited to electronics applications.

Both the pliers and screwdrivers feature ergonomic handles to reduce hand fatigue over long periods of use. With three pliers and five screwdriver sizes, the set also includes a box-cutter style knife, automatic wire stripper, and tape measure. As such, this kit provides many solutions in repair and maintenance.

The kit is supplied in a zip-up soft case which protects your tools from the elements and keeps them organized during storage or transportation.

Kit Contains

• G10 Series Insulated Combination Pliers (VDE Approved) x 1 • G12 Series Insulated Diagonal Cutter (VDE Approved) x 1 • G15 Series Insulated Long Nose Pliers (VDE Approved) x 1
• E25-AS06 Automatic Wire Stripper x 1
• G01 Series C-PLUS Insulated Slotted Screwdrivers (VDE Approved) x 3
• G03 Series C-PLUS Insulated Pozidriv Screwdrivers (VDE Approved) x 2
• 6106 Single-Pole voltmeter (VDE Approved-Long) x 1
• J45C Compact Utility Knife 18 mm x 1
• P05 Series Compact Tape Measures x 1


The screwdriver is one of the most essential hand tools in any workman’s kit, an is integral wherever fasteners need to be tightened or loosened. The plier set is ideal for handling small components and manipulating wires. The screwdrivers and pliers in this set are VDE rated to IEC 60900, and are ideal for working with live parts or close to live parts up to 1000 V ac. These insulated tools provide both safety for the user and can also prevent damage to electronic parts that might be damaged by an electrical short. As such it is an ideal addition to an electrician or electrical engineer's tool kit.

Combined with tools for cutting, measuring and wire stripping, this set is also ideal for;

• Maintenance workers
• Technicians
• DIY Enthusiasts


RS PRO aims to be your go-to brand for reliability and value for money. We source high-quality parts at great prices and test everything with our in-house experts to ensure the quality you need.

When it comes to tools, we know that versatility and dependability are what you need. As such, we stock a variety of mainstay and specialist tools to suit any application. Whether you're a professional electrician, plumber, builder or DIY enthusiast, RS PRO is here to support you.

insualted pliers and

RS Pro 1000V Plier Set

Attribute Value
Number of Pieces 12
Set Contents E25-AS06 Automatic Wire Stripper, G01 Series C-PLUS Insulated Slotted Screwdriver, G01-040-100 (4 x 100 mm) C-PLUS Insulated Slotted Screwdriver, G01-055-125 (5.5 x 125 mm) C-PLUS Insulated Slotted Screwdriver, G03-001-080 (PZ1 x 80 mm) C-PLUS Insulated Pozidriv Screwdriver, G03-002-100 (PZ2 x 100 mm) C-PLUS Insulated Pozidriv Screwdriver, G10-18-0180 (180 mm) Insulated Combination Piler, G12-18-0160 (160 mm) Insulated Diagonal Cutter, G15-18-0160 (160 mm) Insulated Long Nose Plier, J45C (18 mm) Compact Utility Knife, P05-0316 (3 m x 16 mm) Compact Tape Measure, 6106 Single Pole Voltage Tester
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