SMC ASN Series Speed Controller, NPT 1/4 Inlet Port

  • RS庫存編號 825-8604
  • 製造零件編號 ASN2-N02-S
  • 製造商 SMC

SMC ASN Series Metering Valve with Silencer

The Metering Valve with Silencer ASN series from SMC has superior sound reducing performance. The cylinder speed is easily set by the shape of the needle being the same as that of the speed controller.

Superior sound reducing performance
Over 20dB at maximum flow rate
Cylinder speed is easily set
Retainer prevents accidental loss of needle

Flow Regulators & Restrictors - SMC

Regulators for controlling the flow of compressed air to pneumatic actuators. SMC’s AS series speed controllers have a larger, push-pull locking dial making precise adjustment and control easy and reducing the setting time by half. Available to suit a range of tubing diameters.

Attribute Value
Manufacturer Series ASN
Type Flow Controller
Threaded Inlet Port NPT 1/4
Minimum Outlet Pressure 0MPa
Maximum Outlet Pressure 1(Outlet) MPa, 1.5(Proof) MPa
Threaded Inlet Thread Size 1/4 in
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