Microchip NiMH Battery Charger for MCP1630

  • RS庫存編號 401-951
  • 製造零件編號 MCP1630RD-NMC1
  • 製造商 Microchip

MCP1630 NiMH Battery Charger Reference Design

NiMH Battery Charger board preprogrammed to charge 3 NiMH cells. Charge profile and number of batteries can be changed with firmware. The design uses the MCP1630 High-Speed Analog PWM combined with the PIC microcontroller. Charge current is initially set for 1.35A fast charge, preconditioning charge current 170mA, and preconditioning threshold 3V.

Programmed parameters - modified in firmware
Top Off Charge Current = 130mA for 1 Hour
Overvoltage protection (battery removed)
Overcharge protection to prevent damaging the battery
Overcurrent protection in the event of a shorted battery
Battery reversal protection
Input short circuit protection
Overtemperature protection to prevent the battery from reaching too high a temperature during charge
Soft-start capability by holding the reference voltage low during power-up

Battery Management, Microchip

Attribute Value
Power Management Function Battery Charger
Kit Classification Reference Design
Featured Device MCP1630
Kit Name NiMH