STMicroelectronics STEVAL-LNBH06 DC-DC Regulator for LNBH26S for Satellite LNB


STEVAL-LNBH06 LNB Regulator Evaluation Board for LNBH26S

The STEVAL-LNBH06 is an evaluation board for an LNBH26S device. The LNBH26S is a monolithic voltage regulator and control interface device for use in satellite LNB modules.

• Complete I²C/DiSEqC communication interface between MCU and LNB
• DC-DC converter with LDO post regulator yielding typical efficiency of 93% @ 0.5A
• Selectable output current limit by external resistor
• Meets power supply requirements of LNBs inside satellite TV dish antennas
• Accurate built-in 22kHz tone generator suits widely accepted standards
• 22kHz tone waveform integrity guaranteed even at no-load condition
• LPM function (Low Power Mode)
• Overload and overtemperature internal protection with I²C diagnostic bits
• LNB short-circuit dynamic protection
• ±4kV ESD tolerant on output power pins
• Power supply: +8V to +16Vdc

Switching Voltage Regulators, STMicroelectronics

Attribute Value
Power Management Function DC-DC Regulator
Kit Classification Evaluation Board
For Use With Satellite LNB
Featured Device LNBH26S
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