STMicroelectronics STEVAL-ISA192V1 Flyback Converter for VIPer0P


STEVAL-ISA192V1 Dual HV Flyback SMPS with Touch Control

This STEVAL-ISA192V1 SMPS system features a non-isolated flyback converter based on VIPer0P and an STM32L0 microcontroller. The MCU manages the VIPer0P for extremely low power consumption in Zero Power Mode (ZPM) while maintaining relatively high overall efficiency during normal operation. Capacitive touch pads are used for switching between modes.

• Mains input voltage range: 85 to 265Vac @ 50/60Hz • Output voltage 1: +7Vdc @ 400mA
• Output voltage 2: -5Vdc @ 800mA
• Converter frequency: 60kHz with jittering
• VIPer0P HV converter with 800V power MOSFET and current-mode PWM controller
• Smart standby architecture using ZPM with pushbutton/touch control
• Input power at no-load less than 30mW at 230Vac, including MCU
• Pulse-skip protection to prevent flux-runaway
• Built-in soft start for improved system reliability
• Meets IEC55022 Class B conducted EMI thanks to frequency jittering feature
• Meets IEC61000-4-2(ESD), IEC61000-4-4 (EFT) and IEC61000-4-5 (Surge)
• Screw connectors for Vac input and Vdc output
• Dimensions: 74 x 45mm

Switching Voltage Regulators, STMicroelectronics

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Power Management Function Flyback Converter
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Featured Device VIPer0P
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