Infineon 24VSHIELDBTT6030TOBO1 Evaluation Board for BTT6020-1EKA, BTT6030-2EKA for Arduino

  • RS庫存編號 150-1731
  • 製造零件編號 24VSHIELDBTT6030TOBO1
  • 製造商 Infineon

The 24V Protected Switch Shield with BTT6030-2EKA and BTT6020-1EKA is a power switch evaluation board compatible with Arduino microcontroller boards and with Infineon’s XMC microcontroller kits using the Arduino form factor. The shield is equipped with three Protected high-side power MOSFETs out of the PROFET+ 24V family (2x BTT6030-2EKA , 1x BTT6020-1EKA ) offering five 24 V channels in total.

Capable of PWM up to 400 Hz
Driver circuit with logic level inputs
Diagnosis with current sense
Protection of load and driver circuit e.g. against over temperature, over current, ESD
Fast and inexpensive prototyping of 24 V load driving
Load diagnosis with current sense capability
Over temperature shut down with latch behavior
Drive resistive, capacitive and inductive loads with PWM or DC
24 V grounded high-side loads
Enhanced short circuit operation
Loss of ground/battery protection
Stable behavior at under voltage
Overvoltage protection

Attribute Value
Kit Classification Evaluation Board
For Use With Arduino
Featured Device BTT6020-1EKA, BTT6030-2EKA
Kit Name Evaluation Board
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