ON Semiconductor NCP1422LEDGEVB High Current LED Driver Evaluation Board Boost Regulator for NCP1422MNR2G


The NCP1422 is a monolithic, micro-power, high-frequency, step-up switching converter IC designed for battery operated hand-held electronic products with up to 800 mA loading. It integrates a synchronous rectifier (Sync-Rect) to improve efficiency and to eliminate the external Schottky Diode. The NCP1422's high switching frequency (up to 1.2 MHz) allows for a low profile, small sized inductor and output capacitor to be used. When the device is disabled, the internal conduction path from the battery to the load is fully blocked, which isolates the load from the battery.

High Efficiency
High Switching Frequency
True-Cutoff Function Reduces Device Shutdown Current to typically 50 nA
Ring-Killer for Discontinuous Conduction Mode
Space-Saving 3mm x 3mm DFN-10 package

Attribute Value
Power Management Function Boost Regulator
Kit Classification Evaluation Board
For Use With High Current LED Driver
Featured Device NCP1422MNR2G
Kit Name High Current LED Driver Evaluation Board
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