BQ24115 Evaluation Module

COO (Country of Origin): PH

BQ24115 Evaluation Module

The BQ24115EVM is the evaluation module for the bq24115 Li-Ion charge management IC. The bq24115 is a highly integrated battery charge IC utilizing synchronous switch mode power conversion for efficient and comprehensive charge control of a one, two, or three series cell Li-Ion battery. The EVM is a complete bq24115 based circuit and provides a convenient method to evaluate the operation and performance of the IC.

Input voltage: +5 to 16V (factory default) or output voltage + 0.8 to 16V (based on adjustable output voltage)
Charge rate: 1.33A
Output regulation voltage: +4.2V (one cell, factory default), can be adjusted

Supplied with

User guide (SLUU200) containing the schematic, bill of materials, component placement, layout and the setup of the EVM, bq24115 data sheet.

Battery Management, Texas Instruments