3M Aluminium Oxide Very Fine Sanding Belt, 610mm x 13mm

  • RS庫存編號 184-6871
  • 製造零件編號 7000068015
  • 製造商 3M
COO (Country of Origin): US

3M Scotch-Brite™ SC Surface Conditioning Belt

From 3M, the Scotch-Brite™ SC Surface Conditioning Belt is a high-quality and durable belt. The abrasive belt is engineered to perform detail work such as blending, blending corners, cleaning, contour finishing, on a variety of metals. Use durable Scotch-Brite™ Surface Conditioning Belt for low stretch applications such as cleaning, blending and deburring on a variety of metals, and are suitable for low-stretch applications.

3M belts are built to last, comprising of resin-reinforced non-woven fibre that resists loading, also under-cutting or gouging the workpiece. They use coarse grade aluminium oxide abrasive, which cuts fast for the duration of the belt, while maintaining superior edge durability. For quality results as well as reliability in challenging surface conditioning applications, these 3M non-woven abrasive belts are ideal.

Scotch-Brite SE Surface Conditioning belts use coarse grade aluminium oxide abrasive, which offers a fast cut-rate and long life. This mineral is a tough, durable abrasive that continually self-fractures during use, to expose fresh cutting edges. By comparison, traditional abrasives, such as garnet, quickly wear down with use. Aluminium oxide abrasive cuts fast, with hardness, strength and low heat retention, making it suitable for a variety of substrates and ideal for grinding, sanding and finishing.

Features and Benefits

• Non-woven, surface conditioning belts clean, blend, deburr and finish
• Reduced loading and heat build-up allow extended operating time and consistent surface conditioning results
• Reinforced backing and non-woven open web material provides superior flexibility for detail work, over contours and edges
• Removes surface imperfections, grindlines, mill, and other marks
• Hook and loop attachment system provides fast disc change-out for multi-step finishing processes


Belt sanders are used for rapid grinding, sanding and finishing on a variety of surfaces. Depending on the material being worked, sanding wheels and discs may clog, quickly making them less efficient, while belt sanders continue to sand without clogging because of small grooves in the abrasive belt open as they go around the arc of the drive wheel. These belts are ideal for use with off-hand bench sanders for detailed work such as deburring, deburring edges, fine finishing, flat finishing, setting the grain, stainless steel finishing, and attaining straightline-brushed finishes. They are designed for heavy-duty deburring and finishing using backstand and off-hand equipment.

What are the advantages of belt sanders?

Belt sanders, or strip sanders, are typically portable handheld machines used for running across surfaces that need to be sanded. Wherever a large surface needs to be covered or a large amount of material needs to be removed, belt sanders can save a huge amount of time and physical effort compared to hand sanding. However, they are by design a powerful and aggressive machine, and the portable versions are not so suited to delicate work as other means of sanding.

Belt sanders also refer to static backstand belt sander machines, designed to have objects manoeuvered against the sanding belt for finer sanding applications, This allows a greater degree of manipulative control, and is ideal for finishing and detail work.

Why choose 3M?

3M is a leading innovator of abrasive technologies, constantly evolving to provide ideal solutions to industrial and commercial applications. With 3M you can be assured of a wide selection of quality products.

3M abrasive sanding belts come in a variety of widths and sizes to fit almost any industrial belt sander. Narrow belts are used with portable belt sanders for grinding or blending. Medium belts are used on backstands to remove wields, material removal and to set the grain in stainless steel while wider belts are used with wide belt sanders to dimension metal sheets and coils.

Attribute Value
Sandpaper Type Sanding Belt
Abrasive Material Aluminium Oxide
Grade Very Fine
Length 610mm
Width 13mm
Series PN65352
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HK$ 55.899
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