Cypress Semiconductor PSoC Development Board CY8CKIT-149


Cypress Semiconductor Prototyping Kit

The Cypress Semiconductor prototyping kit enables you to evaluate and develop systems based on Arm Cortex-M0 core. It features the Cypress' fourth-generation capacitive sensing solution that efficiently works in noisy environments and the presence of liquids. This kit is designed with a snap-away form-factor, allowing users to separate the programmer and debugger from the target board and use it independently.

Features and Benefits:

• 1.8V to 5V operation
• A pushbutton provides a simple user input
• Arm Cortex-M0 core: Up to 128kb flash, 16kb SRAM, 9 programmable analogue blocks, 13 programmable digital blocks and 54 general purpose I/Os, including 24 smart I/Os
• External ECO crystal (4MHz)
• External WCO crystal (32.768kHz)
• EZ-BLE module with feedback LED
• Six-segment slider with feedback LEDs
• Three CapSense buttons of different sizes with feedback LEDs
• Two LEDs to provide feedback (One each for 4100S plus device and EZ-BLE device)


• Electronics laboratories
• Embedded systems


• ANSI/ESD S20.20:2014
• BS EN 61340-5-1:2007

Attribute Value
Classification Development Board
Technology PSoC
Processor Family Name PSoC
Processor Part Number 4100S
Processor Type MCU
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