COO (Country of Origin): PH

MC34063A Buck Boost Inverting Switching Regulators

The ON Semiconductor MC34063A series of buck boost inverting switching regulators designed for step-down, step-up and voltage-inverting applications.
These are monolithic ICs which contain a wide range of functionality required for DC-DC converters. This functionality includes:
- Internal temperature compensated reference
- Comparator
- Controlled duty cycle oscillator with an active current limit circuit
- Driver
- High current output switch
The MC34063A ICs are suitable for fan controllers and DC-DC power supplies. They offer a wide input voltage of -0.3 to +40 Vdc, which makes the MC34063A suitable for a wider range of applications.

• Temperature range: 0 to +70 °C
• Low standby current
• Input voltage: 3-40 V
• Adjustable current limit
• Adjustable output voltage
• Frequency operation: to 100kHz
• Accuracy: precision 2% reference

Versions Available:
(516-5095) MC34063AP1G - PDIP-8
(125-0038) MC34063AP1G - PDIP-8 - tube of 50
(103-5076) MC34063ADR2G - SOIC-8 - reel of 2500
(689-9948) MC34063ADR2G - SOIC-8
(184-4265) MC34063ADG - SOIC-8 - tube of 98

Operation from 3.0 V to 40 V Input
Low Standby Current
Current Limiting
Output Switch Current to 1.5 A
Output Voltage Adjustable
Frequency Operation to 100 kHz
Precision 2% Reference
4x4mm DFN package option
Wide input voltage range usable for many applications
<100uA Collector Off-State Current
Adjustable current limit provides improved protection
Large 1.5A peak current capability provides up to ∼1A of average current output
External resistor divider for various output voltage options
Optimize frequency for size or efficiency
Accurate system level performance
Exposed pad package allows for higher output current and improved thermal performance
For Higher Switching Frequency See NCP3063
For Dedicated ENABLE Pin and Higher Switching Frequency See NCP3064
Fan Controller
DC-DC Power Supply
For DFN package see MC33063MNTXG

Attribute Value
Maximum Output Current 1.5A
Number of Outputs 1
Line Regulation 5 mV
Mounting Type Surface Mount
Package Type SOIC
Pin Count 8
Output Type Adjustable
Maximum Switching Frequency 100 kHz
Switching Regulator Yes
Dimensions 5 x 4 x 1.5mm
Height 1.5mm
Minimum Output Voltage 1.25 V
Maximum Input Voltage 40 V
Length 5mm
Width 4mm
Minimum Operating Temperature 0 °C
Maximum Output Voltage 40 V
Minimum Input Voltage 3 V
Automotive Standard AEC-Q100
Maximum Operating Temperature +70 °C
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單價 毎管:98 個
HK$ 3.989
Per unit
Per Tube*
98 - 882
980 - 1862
1960 +
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