McLennan Servo Supplies Unipolar Hybrid, Permanent Magnet Stepper Motor 1.8°, 0.75Nm, 70 V dc, 3 A, 8 Wires

COO (Country of Origin): IT

HSX Range Stepper Motors, with Wire

The high performance 23HSX series hybrid stepper motors conform to the International NEMA standard.

HSX Serie Stepper Motors with Wire
High energy Neodymium magnets used
50% more torque than conventional hybrid types
8 wire format provides a choice of either Uni-polar or Bi-polar operation
200 steps/rev when used with full step drives or 400 steps/rev when used in half step mode
NEMA frame sizes

Attribute Value
Step Angle 1.8°
Holding Torque 0.75Nm
Number Of Wires 8
Voltage Rating 70 V dc
Frame Size 57.2 x 57.2mm
Stepper Motor Type Hybrid, Permanent Magnet
Shaft Diameter 6.35mm
Current Rating 3 A
Winding Arrangement Unipolar
Shaft Length 19mm
Number of Pole Pairs 2
Resistance Per Phase 0.72Ω