Glenair HX4 Series, Crimp Tool Die, Coaxial, Coaxial Type BT2003, Hex size 0.296 in, 0.68 in

  • RS庫存編號 425-6162
  • 製造零件編號 Y1829
  • 製造商 Glenair

HX4 Crimp Tool Die Sets

The proven HX4 (M22520/5-01) ratchet crimp tool frame with interchangeable coaxial connector crimp die sets, eliminates the need for separate dedicated crimp tools. Crimp dies are snapped into the frame and retained with internal spring clips.

A selection of dies are available separately to accommodate most coaxial contacts conforming to MIL-C-39012, MIL-C-39029 and numerous proprietary configurations. Die set 425-6162 is designed specifically to terminate BT2003 RS crimp plugs and jacks for cable group H
Operating instructions and die remover included with tool frame


Users should take care when selecting tooling to confirm that the die set aperture dimensions are compatible with the connector being used, and that the cable type is also compatible.

General Support Tooling

The crimp tooling detailed on this and subsequent pages are recommended, in most cases, for a wide range of connectors and associated cable types. The 'Crimp Tool Selection Guide' table indicates the cable type(s) and/or specific type(s) of connector for which each tool is recommended. The 'Die Set Selection Guide' table indicates compatible cable types and their 'Group number' and details of frame tool required. A small number of crimp tools have been considered to be 'dedicated' to a connector type. These tools have been incorporated with those connector ranges on respective pages, and are not included within this General Tooling Range.

Attribute Value
Crimp Connector Type Coaxial
Coaxial Type BT2003
Hex Size 0.296 in, 0.68 in
Series HX4