Electrolube Metal Oxide Thermal Conductive Adhesive, 24 h Cure, 75 ml Syringe

  • RS庫存編號 725-9975
  • 製造零件編號 TCOR75S
  • 製造商 Electrolube
COO (Country of Origin): CN


RoHS Compliant (2002/95/EC)

Electrolube Thermally Conductive RTV (Oxime)

Introducing the thermally conductive Oxime adhesive from Electrolube, a single component low odour RTV (room temperature vulcanising) adhesive, ideal for bonding electrical components and heatsinks. This thermally conductive oxime has been designed to fill the gap between device and heat sink, reducing the thermal resistance. This reliable adhesive is perfect for dissipating excess heat from components and power resistors to heatsinks, preventing potential overheating or failures. In addition, this versatile sealant can be used as a low bond strength adhesive or gasket compound.

This single component metal oxime adhesive is perfect for use with the Electrolube application gun: 725-9984

Features and benefits

• Wide operating range of -50°C to +230°C, making it ideal for use with a variety of applications
• Excellent bond and adhesion strength, eliminating the need for welding techniques
• Excellent thermal conductivity even at high temperatures
• Stronger bond strength than standard RTV's making it a very versatile adhesive
• 1-part metal oxime adhesive that is ready and easy to use
• Perfect for use with the Electrolube application gun (725-9984)


Thermal adhesives are a type of thermally conductive adhesive used to secure heat sinks and electronic components. Thermal adhesives are available in a number of mediums such as thermal paste, glue, tape and more. They work by creating a strong bond for heatsinks or electrical parts commonly via a two-part epoxy resin with thermal conductivity capabilities, drawing heat away from a device. Thermal adhesives are used in a variety of industries and applications such as:

• Heat sink bonding
• Potting/encapsulating sensors
• BGA die heat spreader interface
• Chip scale packages
• Power semiconductors

How to apply

Before applying, ensure surfaces are clean and free from grease, dust and contaminants. Insert the adhesive tube into the Electrolube application gun (stock no: 725-9984), which dispenses the product, providing efficient and accurate dispensing. Apply a thin layer of the adhesive to the components required for bonding, before leaving the product to cure for the recommended time of 24 hours as 20°C.

Note: Curing rate is dependent upon ambient conditions of temperature and humidity.

Can this thermal adhesive be removed?

Thermal adhesives such as grease and pastes can be removed if required using a combination of a thermal adhesive remover (or high concentrate rubbing alcohol) and a lint free micro fibre cloth. Please note special care must be taken when removing thermal compounds and protective clothing must be worn at all times.

What is the maximum operating temperature?

The maximum operating temperature of this thermally conductive sealant is +250°C.


RoHS Compliant (2002/95/EC)

Attribute Value
Type Thermal Conductive Adhesive
Product Material Metal Oxide
Package Type Syringe
Package Size 75 ml
Thermal Conductivity 1.8W/mK
Cure Time 24 h
Maximum Operating Temperature +230°C
Minimum Operating Temperature -50°C
Operating Temperature Range -50 → +230 °C
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