MH Connectors 9 Way D-sub Connector

  • RS庫存編號 765-9555
  • 製造零件編號 MHDPPK9-DB9S-K
  • 製造商 MH Connectors

D-Sub Connector Kits with Straight Polyamide PA66 Plastic Hoods and Metal Strain Relief Clamp

These Kits of MH Connectors D-Sub MHDPPK-SLIM Series are straight 180° PA66 backshells with either Pin or Socket connectors. The mating part of the contacts in these D-Sub MHDPPK-SLIM Series Kits are Gold plated with the Solder Bucket terminations being Tin plated. The MHDPPK-SLIM Series backshells have a Quick-Lock system that can be re-opened and are suitable for any common D-Sub connector. Cable with upto 11.5 mm outside diameter can be accommodated by the MHDPPK-SLIM Series backshell.

D-Sub Connector Info:
• Voltage rating: 250V
• Current rating: 3A
• Contact resistance: 25mA (max)
• Insulation resistance: 1000 MΩ
• Operating temperature: -55 to +105 °C

Each Kit Contains:
2 x backshell halves
2 x 4-40 jack screws
1 x plastic strain relief
1 x metal strain relief clamp (with screws)
1 x D-Sub connector with solder buckets

Versions Available:
765-9551 - 9-pin Plug
765-9555 - 9-pin Socket
765-9564 - 15-pin Plug
765-9567 - 15-pin Socket
765-9561 - 25-pin Plug
765-9570 - 25-pin Socket

The Kits comprise of:

Plug or Socket Connector with Solder Buckets
2 Backshell halves
2 4-40 Thumbscrews
1 Plastic Strain Relief
1 Metal Strain Relief Clamp with screws

Maximum cable diameter for the 9 way is 8 mm.
Maximum cable diameter for the 15 and 25 way is 11.5 mm.


Maximum cable diameter for the 9 way is 8 mm.
Maximum cable diameter for the 15 and 25 way is 11.5 mm.


Polyamide PA66-UL recognised material

D-Sub Connector Kits - MH

A range of D-sub Kits which contain a connector, hood and associated screws and cable glands or clamps as specified.

Attribute Value
Number of Contacts 9
Body Orientation Straight
Termination Method Solder
Housing Material Plastic
Contact Plating Gold over Nickel
Contact Material Copper Alloy
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單價 個
HK$ 30.41
Per unit
1 - 24
25 - 74
75 - 199
200 - 399
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