Cleanroom Tacky Mat, 1.14m x 660mm x 1.65mm

  • RS庫存編號 829-5293
  • 製造商 RS PRO
COO (Country of Origin): CN

RS PRO Cleanroom Sticky Mats

A series of sticky mats from RS PRO, offer multi-layer clean-film adhesive layers that form mats to capture dirt or dust from shoes or equipment wheels entering a controlled environment. The tear-off layers are numbered so it is easy to track how many remain for re-ordering purposes.

How does it work?

When operatives walk over a sticky matting before entering a controlled area, contaminates from their shoes are transfers onto the sticky mat reducing the risk of contamination being introduced into the controlled area.

Features and Benefits

• LDPE Floor Mat
• Remove contamination on contact
• Peel to expose a clean surface (30 sheets)
• No washing or cleaning of mats with messy fluids and mops
• Use with or without a frame, low profile construction
• Full adhesion bottom holds floor securely yet easy to remove and leaves no residue
• Numbered corner tabs for easy removal of the used sheet
• Colours: Blue or white

Available Options

We offer a selection of sizes and a choice of two colours, blue or white. 8 X 30 sheets per case.

• RS stock no: 829-5287, Size 18 in x 45 in - white
• RS stock no: 829-5281, Size 18 in x 45 in - Blue
• RS stock no: 829-5290, Size 26 in x 45 in - White
• RS stock no: 829-5293, Size 26 in x 45 in - Blue
• RS stock no: 829-5297, Size 36 in x 36 in - White
• RS stock no: 829-5307, Size 36 in x 36 in - Blue
• RS stock no: 829-5300, Size 36 in x 45 in - White

What is LDPE?

• LDPE means low-density polyethylene

Which applications would you typically find this mat?

Ideal for use in cleanrooms, laboratories or other dust or dirt-free controlled environments
Pharmaceutical, biotechnological, aerospace and laser optic industries

Why are sticky mats important?

Sticky mats are an important component to having a clean, hygienic and sanitised environment. An unclean or contaminated area can result in compromised areas and inaccurate tests.

Attribute Value
Use Type Cleanroom
Thickness 1.65mm
Suitable For Standard Shoes
Length 1.14m
Width 660mm
Complies with EN 61340-5-1 No
Surface Texture Type Smooth
Number of Material Layers 30
36 現貨庫存,可於3工作日發貨。
單價 毎盒:8 個
HK$ 1,416.50
Per Box
Per unit*
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