Digilent 410-183 Basys Artix-7 Development Board

  • RS庫存編號 134-6451
  • 製造零件編號 410-183
  • 製造商 Digilent

Digilent BASYS 3™ FQGA Development Board

The Digilent basys 3™ FPGA development board is a comprehensive, ready-to-use digital circuit development platform based on the latest Artix-7 Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) from Xilinx. With high-capacity FPGA, low overall cost and collection of USB, VGA and other ports, the board can host designs ranging from introductory combinational circuits to complex sequential circuits like embedded processors and controllers. It includes enough switches, LEDs and other I/O devices to allow a large number of designs to be completed without the need for any additional hardware and enough uncommitted FPGA I/O pins to allow designs to be expanded using diligent Pmods or other custom boards and circuits.
An FPGA is a semiconductor device consisting of a matrix of Configurable Logic Blocks (CLBs) connected through programmable interconnects. The user determines these interconnections by programming SRAM. A CLB can be simple (AND, OR gates, etc) or complex (a block of RAM). The FPGA allows changes to be made to design even after the device is soldered into a PC

Features and Benefits

33280 logic cells in 5200 slices (each slice contains 4 x 6-input LUTs and 8 x flip-flops)
1800Kbit fast block RAM
5 x clock management tiles, each with a phase-locked loop (PLL)
90 x DSP slices
Internal clock speeds exceeding 450MHz
On-chip analogue to digital converter (XADC)
Onboard 32Mbit Quad-SPI serial flash memory
Programmable over JTAG, Quad-SPI or USB
USB-UART Bridge via microUSB socket
USB-A HID host socket for mice, keyboards and memory sticks
12-bit VGA display output on DE15 connector
FPGA programming
16 x user LEDs
4-digit 7-segment LED display
5 x user pushbuttons
16 x user slide switches
3 x standard Pmod 2 x 6-pin connectors
Dual purpose
Powered from either USB socket or external 5V header


ANSI/ESD S20.20:2014
BS EN 61340-5-1:2007

Attribute Value
Programmable Logic Technology FPGA
Kit Classification Development Board
Kit Name Basys Artix-7
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