Trenz Electronic GmbH TE0808-04-09EG-2IE 4 GB DDR4, UltraSOM+ MPSoC-Modul with Zynq UltraScale+ XCZU9EG-2FFVC900I

COO (Country of Origin): DE

Trenz Electronic GmbH Programmable Logic Development Kits

The Trenz electronic is an MPSoC module integrating a Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ ZU9EG. It comes with 4Gb DDR4 SDRAM along with a 64-bit width, 128Mb flash memory for configuration and operation. This board has 20GB transceivers and powerful switch-mode power supplies for all on-board voltages. A large number of configurable I/O's is provided via rugged high-speed stacking connections. It is used for industrial applications.

Features and Benefits:

• All power supplies on-board, single 3.3V power source required
- 14 on-board DC-DC regulators and 13 LDOs
- LP, FP, PL separately controlled power domains
• B2B connectors: 4 x 160 pin
• Operating temperature ranges between -40°C and 85°C
• Memory of 64-bit DDR4, 8Gb maximum and Dual SPI boot Flash in parallel, 512Mb maximum
• Mounting holes for 3mm skyline heat spreader
• Rugged for shock and high vibration
• SPI boot flash 128Mb
• Support for all boot modes (except NAND) and scenarios
• Support for any combination of PS connected peripherals
• User I/O required are - 65 x MIO, 48 x HD (all), 156 x HP (3 banks), Serial transceiver: 4 x GTR + 16 x GTH, Transceiver clocks inputs and outputs - PLL clock generator inputs and outputs and
• ZU9EG 900 pin packages



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Featured Device TE0808-04
Kit Name UltraSOM+ MPSoC-Modul with Zynq UltraScale+ XCZU9EG-2FFVC900I, 4 GB DDR4
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