Trenz Electronic GmbH TE0720-03-1CFA-S Starter Kit Starter Kit TE0720-03

COO (Country of Origin): DE

The Trenz Electronic Starter Kit TE0720-03-1CFA-S consists of a TE0720-03-1CFA module on a TE0703-05 carrier board including heatsink. Supplied with a 5 V power supply, two VG96 connectors (DIN 41612), a 16 GB micro SD card and a USB cable. The Trenz Electronic TE0720-03-1CFA are SoC modules with commercial temperature range integrating a Xilinx Zynq-Z020, a gigabit Ethernet transceiver, 1 GByte DDR3 SDRAM, 8 GByte e.MMC, 64 MByte Flash memory for configuration and operation.

Xilinx XC7Z020-1CLG484C
Rugged for high shock and vibration
ARM dual-core Cortex-A9 MPCore
USB 2.0 high speed ULPI transceiver
32-Bit-wide 1 GByte DDR3 SDRAM
8 GByte e.MMC (up to 32 GByte)
Plug-on module with 2 ´ 100-pin and 1 x 60-pin high-speed hermaphroditic strips
System management and power sequencing
eFUSE bit-stream encryption
AES bit-stream encryption
Valid MAC Address and 2K serial EEPROM
SHA-256 authentication chip with unique serial number
RTC, temperature compensated

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Kit Classification Starter Kit
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