Cypress Semiconductor Bluetooth Smart (BLE) Module


CY8CKIT-143A PSoC 4 Bluetooth 4.2 Module, Cypress

The CY8CKIT-143A PSoC 4 BLE (Bluetooth Smart) 256 KB Module enables the design and testing of complete Bluetooth 4.2-compliant Low Energy applications.
The module features a Programmable System-on-Chip (PSoC) 4 Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) 256 KB CY8C4248LQI device. It includes two crystals for the antenna matching network, and a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) antenna. The board provides access to all microcontroller Inputs/Outputs.
The CY8CKIT-143A module can be plugged into the CY8CKIT-042-BLE Bluetooth Low Energy Pioneer Kit or can be used standalone with the CY8CKIT-002, MiniProg3 external programmer.
This PSoC 4 BLE module can be used with the CY5677 CySmart BLE version 4.2 USB Dongle to test and debug Bluetooth 4.2 features.

Dimensions 45 x 27 x 2 mm

Attribute Value
RF Technology Bluetooth Smart (BLE)
Kit Classification Module
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