Cypress Semiconductor, CYBT-213043-MESH

COO (Country of Origin): CN

The EZ-BT Mesh Evaluation kit (CYBT-213043-MESH) enables the evaluation of SIG mesh functionality using the EZ-BT Bluetooth 5.0-qualified module CYBT-213043-02. The CYBT-213043-02, EZ-BT module is an integrated, fully-certified, 12.0 mm x 16.61 mm x 1.70 mm, programmable dual-mode Bluetooth (BLE/BR/EDR) module with BLE mesh support designed to reduce time-to-market. The CYBT-213043-02 module utilizes the Cypress CYW20819 silicon device. CYW20819 is an ultra-low-power (ULP) and highly integrated dual-mode Bluetooth 5.0 qualified device. The CYW20819’s low-power and integration capability addresses the requirements of both battery- and wall-powered applications that require BLE mesh, such as sensor nodes, locks, lighting, blind controllers, asset tracking, and many more Smart Home applications. CYBT-213043-MESH kit is supported in Modus Toolbox IDE v1.1 with BT SDK 1.2 or later. Modus Toolbox includes a number of demo code examples that allow you to implement real-life mesh application such as a dimmable light (bulb), dimmer and a thermometer and likes just in few minutes. Cypress also provided a number of other code examples and snip codes for mesh functionality that are available on GitHub. These code examples can be searched and imported within Modus Toolbox IDE.

CYBT-213043-02 certified module based on CYW20819
Sensors - Thermistor, Ambient Light Sensor (ALS) and PIR motion sensor
User switch
Power measurement jumper
Coin-cell battery holder (battery is not included in the kit)
Option to select between USB power and coin-cell as power source
On-board programmer and USB-UART bridge

Attribute Value
Classification Evaluation Kit
RF Technology Bluetooth
Featured Device CYW20819
Kit Name CYBT-213043-MESH EZ-BT Module Mesh Evaluation Kit
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