Maxim DS12887+, Real Time Clock (RTC), 114B RAM Multiplexed, 24-Pin EDIP


Real Time Clock with NV Memory, Integrated

A range of real-time clock products from Maxim incorporating non-volatile RAM memory for data retention. The clock/calendar functions provide seconds, minutes, hours, day, date, month, and year information. The clocks generally operate in either the 12 or 24-hour format with an AM/PM indicator. Additional features may include watchdog timers, alarms and trickle-charging facilities for external back-up batteries; some devices are available which include an integrated crystal for the clock oscillator.


⦁ RTC Counts Seconds, Minutes, Hours, Day, Date,Month, and Year with Leap Year Compensation Through 2099
⦁ Drop-In Replacement for IBM AT Computer Clock/Calendar
⦁ Binary or BCD Time Representation
⦁ Daylight Saving Time Option
⦁ Selectable Intel or Motorola Bus Timing
⦁ Interfaced with Software as 128 RAM Locations
⦁ 14 Bytes of Clock and Control Registers


⦁ Embedded Systems
⦁ Utility Meters
⦁ Security Sysyems
⦁ Network Hubs


Please note that any defect or non – conformance of this product must be discovered and reported to RS within 20 days of purchase.

Attribute Value
Functions Alarm, Battery Backup, Calendar, Power Fail
Date Format Binary, DW:DM:M:Y
Time Format Binary, HH:MM:SS
User RAM 114B
Bus Type Multiplexed
Mounting Type Through Hole
Package Type EDIP
Pin Count 24
Dimensions 34.04 x 18.8 x 9.4mm
Length 34.04mm
Width 18.8mm
Height 9.4mm
Maximum Operating Supply Voltage 5.5 V
Maximum Operating Temperature +70 °C
Minimum Operating Supply Voltage 4.5 V
Minimum Operating Temperature 0 °C
單價 毎管:14 個
HK$ 76.93
Per unit
Per Tube*
14 +
* 參考價格