RF Solutions ELITE-S4 Remote Control System & Kit,869.5MHz 250m

  • RS庫存編號 793-4420
  • 製造零件編號 ELITE-S4
  • 製造商 RF Solutions
COO (Country of Origin): GB

ELITE-S4 Wireless Remote Control kits

The ELITE-S4 system is a very robust and easy to use remote control system. Each of the four 230Vac relay outputs on the ELITE remote control receiver can be set to operate in a timed, momentary or latching mode. Two kits are available: the ELITE-S4 comes with an ELITE-T8 short-range (250m) transmitter and the ELITE-XS4 comes with an ELITE-XT6 long-range (1000m) transmitter.

No of Tx buttons: 4No of Rx channels: 4RF Carrier frequency: 869.5MHz ISM bandRF Power Output: +20dBm (ELITE-XS4), +5dBm (ELITE-S4)Line-of-Sight Range: 1000m (ELITE-XS4), 250m (ELITE-S4)High-security RF protocolReceiver outputs: 4 x switched 230VacTransmitter power supply: 3 x AAA battery (ELITE-XS4), CR2032 coin cell (ELITE-S4)Receiver power supply: 230VacOperating temperature range: -10 to +50°CTransmitter dimensions: 90 x 54 x 27mm (ELITE-XS4), 86 x 54 x 7mm (ELITE-S4)Receiver dimensions: 267 x 148 x 78mmTransmitter enclosure rating: IP68 (ELITE-XS4)Receiver enclosure rating: IP68Applications: Industrial control, Electric gates, Roller shutter doors, Garage doorsRS Product Codes793-4220 ELITE-S4 4-button kit, 100m793-4224 ELITE-XS4 4-button kit, 1000m793-4452 ELITE-XT1 Transmitter, 1-Button793-4461 ELITE-XT2 Transmitter, 2-Button793-4464 ELITE-XT4 Transmitter, 4-Button793-4468 ELITE-XT6 Transmitter, 4-Button + All On/Off793-4470 ELITE-XT16 Transmitter, 16-Button (8 + Shift)793-4458 ELITE-T8 Transmitter, 8-Button + All On/Off793-4446 ELITE-RX Receiver, 4-channel



Attribute Value
Frequency 869.5MHz
Modulation FM
Number of Channels 4
Number of Key Fob Buttons 10
Nominal Supply Voltage 3 (Remote) V, 230 (Receiver) V ac
Dimensions 267 x 78 x 148 mm (Receiver)/54 x 7 x 86 mm (Remote)
Depth 7 (Remote) mm, 78 (Receiver) mm
Height 86 (Remote) mm, 148 (Receiver) mm
Maximum Operating Temperature +50°C
Minimum Operating Temperature -10°C
Width 54 (Remote) mm, 267 (Receiver) mm
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HK$ 1,044.41
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