Parker Solenoid Coil, P2FCB449, 24V dc

  • RS庫存編號 410-583
  • 製造零件編號 P2FCB449
  • 製造商 Parker

Parker Solenoid Coils

Parker solenoid coils are predominantly used with solenoid valves within pneumatic applications. Another common application is to start, stop or direct the flow of hydraulic fluid. They have been created and designed to withstand and operate in aggressive conditions and fluctuating temperatures.

Features & Benefits

• This coil is ideal as a replacement solenoid coil
• Made up of durable, hardwearing materials
• P2F Series
• Coils are wound with enamelled copper wire, having temperature index 1800C with class F insulation (1550C) and are encapsulated in Thermoplastic resin
• When fitted with suitable connector and correct gasket they give protection to IP65

A little more information...

• A Solenoid coil needs to be replaced within a hydraulic system when the solenoid valve either wears down or stops working
• Did you know that a solenoid is electromagnetic? It's made up of a tightly wrapped metal coil around a solid metal core
• A solenoid coil is most commonly used as a low-power switch that opens and closes a pilot valve, which also controls the main valve through applying pressure to a connected piston

Attribute Value
Manufacturer Series P2F
Power Supply Voltage 24V dc
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