ST25R3916-DISCO, Disco for ST25R3916 NFC


The ST25R3916-DISCO kit allows the user to evaluate the features and capabilities of the ST25R devices, a series of high performance HF readers. The ST25R3916-DISCO kit comes with application notes, software applications, drivers, BOM (bill of materials), board schematics, Gerber files and firmware schematics.

Stream modes to implement other standard and custom protocols
Integrated capacitive sensing system for low power detection of tag presence
Integrated inductive sensing system for low power detection of tag presence using phase or amplitude measurement
High output power
User selectable and automatic gain control
Serial peripheral interface (SPI) up to 10 Mb/s
I2C with up to 400 kbit/s in Fast-mode, 1 Mb/s in Fast-mode Plus
Automatic antenna tuning (AAT) via variable capacitor

Attribute Value
Maximum Operating Supply Voltage 5.5 V
Minimum Operating Supply Voltage 2.4 V
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