Wippermann 08A-1 Steel Roller Chain, Simplex Strands, 3m Long , 12.7mm Pitch

  • RS庫存編號 474-969
  • 製造零件編號 40-1
  • 製造商 Wippermann
COO (Country of Origin): DE

Simplex Roller Chains according to DIN 8188-1 (American Type)

Corresponding to ISO 606
Holes punched & shaved by progressive die tools
Fatigue resistant shot peened rollers & plates
All chains are pre-loaded & lubricated ready for use
Supplied in 10 ft length plus a connector


Wippermann Roller Chains

Roller chains DIN 8187, 8188

Roller chains have a wide application range and are therefore frequently used in engine, machine and plant construction, not merely as drive and gear chains, but also as lantern gears, hoisting and conveyor chains as well as in special applications with different attachments for transport and conveyance purposes. With suitable attachment parts, roller chains offer special functionalities and thus a large application variety.

The advantages of roller chains:

Wide application range as drive, conveyor and hoisting chains
A variety of different functions by using attachments on special chains
Robustness to temperature influences and soiling
Positive locking transmission without slip
Cost effectiveness
Excellent application range through different chain sizes and use as simplex and multiplex roller chains
Multiple transmission ratios
Long shaft distances possible, e.g. for conveying systems
Life cycle limits indicated by chain elongation
Problem-free shortening and lengthening of chains
Drive on either side possible
No pre-tensioning required, therefore no static bearing loads
Resistance to fire

Attribute Value
Number of Strands Simplex
Chain Type 08A-1
Length 3m
Pitch 12.7mm
Plate Height 12mm
Roller Diameter 7.95mm
Chain Width 7.85mm
Overall Width 17.8mm
Standard American
Material Steel
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