Renold 50-1 Steel Roller Chain, Simplex Strands, 3m Long , 15.875mm Pitch

  • RS庫存編號 720-4284
  • 製造零件編號 50A1X10FT
  • 製造商 Renold

Simplex Chain

Chain Standards

American standard chains are covered by DIN 8188, ANSI B29.1 and ISO 606. There are 8 versions:

• Simplex • Duplex
• Triplex
• Quadruplex
• Quintuplex
• Sextuplex
• Octuplex
• Decuplex

Often referred to as ANSI standard, pitch size varies between inch to 3 inches, with the chain links having a smaller pin diameter. They are less wear resistant than European Standard chains except for the 5/8 inch which is larger.

The ANSI standard has a simple numbering system:

• The first number is the pitch size in 1/8 inch, for example 4/8 = • The second number refers to a roller chain = 0, or a bush chain = 5
• The suffix indicates the number of strands in a chain

Attribute Value
Number of Strands Simplex
Chain Series Renold (Blue Box)
Chain Type 50-1
Length 3m
Pitch 15.875mm
Plate Height 14.6mm
Roller Diameter 10.16mm
Chain Width 9.4mm
Overall Width 20.4mm
Standard American
Material Steel
Weight 1kg/m
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單價 個
HK$ 701.04
Per unit
1 - 5
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