RS PRO Wire Rope, 30m

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Catenary Wire Cable Support Kit

The Wire Rope history was established in the 19th century, which means it is well-known and in everyday use by many professionals worldwide. The Steel Wire Rope is typically made up of several strands of metal twisted together. When the strands are closed over a central core, we are in the discovery of producing a rope. It provides a sturdy means for lifting and lowering loads reliably and safely. Several different sizes of Wires offer support to users in terms of maximum corrosion protection and excellent resistance to abrasion. Wire Cables provide flexibility for many construction projects that are essential to run your business. We are proudly introducing our won branded RS PRO Catenary Wire Rope with an impressive minimum breaking strain of 652 kg. The Wire Rope Kit containing 30 metres of 3 mm defiance wire, 1x wire strainer, 2x eyelets, 2x hook plates and 4x wire rope grips. These wires and ropes are not suitable for general lifting use as the primary intention are to secure and support applications. For lifting slings and chains, see a range of Straps, Slings and Chains within this section. Our Steel Wires have their recognition in demanding conditions and conform to all RoHS compliant.

Features and Benefits

  • Wire Rope stranding SWG 7 (number of strands) / 20 (number of wires)

  • Minimum breaking strain oscillates around 652 kg

  • We are giving you 1-year Guarantee

  • The Wire Rope conforms to all RoHS regulations

  • the length fo this Wire is 30 m

  • The catenary shape gives flexibility when hanging chain or cable


The Wire Ropes have their place market in the following areas:

  • Lifting and hoisting in cranes systems

  • Elevators systems

  • Transmission of mechanical power

  • Control surfaces like aeroplane connection to levers and pedals in the cockpit

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between Cable and Wire Rope?

The general rule is that if the Wire Ropes diameters are more substantial then 3/8 inch (9.525 mm) the classification set it as a Wire Rope, but if it is lower than 3/8 inch we are dealing with a Cable or Cords.

What should I consider when selecting/buying Wire Cable?

1. Check the Strength parameters
2. Verify what the resistance is
3. What is the bendability
4. Determine the resistance to crushing and metal loss & deformation along with resistance to rotation and corrosion


RS Pro is our family brand and brings you a wide range of high-quality and high-value products to support your project. Trusted by engineers all over the world, every part of every RS PRO product is always rigorously tested against demanding industry standards. We are only giving the RS PRO seal of approval if we’re confident of their exceptional quality, which means you can be convinced too.

Ropes & Wires

These wires and ropes are not suitable for general lifting use, they are intended for securing and supporting applications only. For lifting slings and chains, see range of Straps, Slings and Chains within this section.

Attribute Value
Type Catenary
Diameter 3 mm
Number of Strands 7
Number Of Wires 20
Core Wire Core
Safe Working Load 130kg
Length 30m
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