Dewalt 228; 203; 152mm Cutting Length bimetal, Reciprocating Saw Blade

  • RS庫存編號 678-3073
  • 製造零件編號 DT2441L-QZ
  • 製造商 DeWALT
COO (Country of Origin): US

DeWalt Extreme Runtime 12 Piece Reciprocating Saw Blade Set

Introducing the Extreme 12-piece reciprocating saw blade set from DeWalt. These bi-metals saw blades are designed for use with reciprocating saws. They have a special tough coat finish which reduces heat while improving cutting performance. Suitable for all your woods, particle boards, metals, piping, plastics, and PVC applications.

Why would you buy these blades?

• Bimetal construction combines HCS and HSS for flexibility and durability
• Universal shank with fit all major brands
• Increased efficiency & longer run time
• Up to 2 X longer life compared to standard blades
• Variable tooth designs provide increased efficiency and a reduction of tooth breakage
• Tough Coat reduces friction and heat build-up

Important Information

When attaching blades ensure that the reciprocating saw is unplugged, and the switch is in the off position. After inserting the blade tug on it to make sure it has seated correctly. Always use the right blade for the material you are cutting.

Top Tips

• As a rule, the fewer teeth per inch the faster & rougher the cut
• Always use safety goggles, dusk masks and where necessary ear defenders

Features and Benefits

• Unique steel construction
• Excellent durability
• Ideal for wood and metal applications
• High performance
• Longer life
• Low vibration
• Fast cutting


• Kit contains 12 saw blades
• Application: Metal, Wood & Nail, General Purpose
• Cutting Length: 100 mm, 152 mm, 203 mm, 228 mm
• Number of Teeth per Inch: 6, 10, 14/18 TPI
• Blade material: HCS, HSS

What do you get?

Wood & Nail Reciprocating Blade

• 2 x DT2307L; 228 mm, 6 TPI
• 2 x DT2300L; 152 mm, 6 TPI

Metal Reciprocating Blade

• 1 x DT2408L; 203 mm, 14/18 TPI
• 1 x DT2407L; 152 mm, 14/18 TPI

General Purpose Reciprocating Blade

• 2 x DT2308L; 228 mm, 10 TPI
• 2 x DT2301L; 152 mm, 10 TPI
• 2 x DT2315L; 100mm, 10 TPI

• Carry Case

Typical Applications

Reciprocating saw blades are a type of cutting blade used to cut through a variety of materials when attached to a reciprocating saw tool. These blades are commonly made using a variety of metals such as steel, high carbon steel, bi-metal or tungsten. Reciprocating blades are used for demolition, plunge cuts, and quick cuts.

• Carpentry
• Construction
• Industrial Demolition
• Renovation


What material is this suitable for?
These saw blades are Ideal for ferrous metal; non-ferrous metal; plastic; wood applications.

Can this blade be used for both straight and curved cuts?
These saw blades are for straight and plunge cuts.

What does TPI mean?
TPI means Teeth per inch.

Attribute Value
Saw Blade Type Reciprocating Saw Blade
Application Ferrous Metal; Non-Ferrous Metal; Plastic; Wood
Number in Pack 12
Blade Material HCS; HSS
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