RS PRO Metric O-Ring Kit Nitrile, Kit Contents 510 Pieces

  • RS庫存編號 756-034
  • 製造商 RS PRO
COO (Country of Origin): IT

O-Ring Kit Nitrile Metric

O-Ring kit with a selection of metric sizes made from nitrile, essential for emergencies and quick repairs. Nitrile O-Rings are cost effective and suitable for use with many substances including oils, gasoline, hydrocarbons, and so forth.

Features and Benefits

• Essential for all workshops and onsite service engineers
• Range of sizes – no need to purchase individual O-Rings
• Quick identification and easy storage for multiple O-Ring sizes
• Robust casing suitable for transport
• Temperature range of Nitrile: -30°C to 120°C and FPM: -20°C to 200°C
• Hardness: Nitrile 70° Shore hardness (black) and FPM 80° Shore hardness (black)

Features and Benefits

Seals and O-rings are used to join two parts of a machine, engine or other mechanical assemblies by filling the space between both parts, creating a filled and seal space in between. This seal prevents particle, vapour and fluid leakage which in turn protects and maintains pressure whilst keeping debris out, ensuring proper function and safety. Seals and O-rings are used in various fields and industries including automotive, aerospace and general engineering

• NBR 70° Shore A
• 510 pieces in 18 sizes
• BS4518


Replacement Nitrile A O-Ring cord for splicing kits is available separately

Attribute Value
Type Metric O-Ring Kit
Material Nitrile
Kit Contents 510 Pieces
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HK$ 165.11
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