Matrix EB067, E-block Hall Effect Sensor, Light Sensor, Temperature Sensor Development Board

COO (Country of Origin): RO

EB067 E-block Sensor Board

The EB067 board combines 4 on-board sensors to support the development of your e-blocks microcontroller applications.

Sensors on-board the EB067
• Phototransistor light sensor
• NTC thermistor temperature sensor
• Hall effect magnetic field sensor
• Potentiometer

E-blocks Boards

E-blocks from Matrix Technology are small circuit boards with a block of electronics that are typically found in an electronic or embedded system. They be quickly snapped together to form a fully functioning systems and this ease of use makes them ideal for rapid prototyping.

Currently there are more than 50 E-Block boards available. From simple LED boards to sensors, Bluetooth, Motor Control, RFID, LCD Display, WiFi, GPS and many more. Whether you are PIC or Arduino programming or working with other hardware platforms there is sure to be something to suit your needs.

E-blocks are supported with software and courseware (including PIC, dsPIC, ARM and AVR Arduino IDE, Flowcode).

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Kit Classification Development Board
Kit Name E-block
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