Schneider Electric 1 kW Encoder Feedback, Motion Servo Drive, 8.5 A, 220 V, 0 → +55 °C

COO (Country of Origin): CN

Lexium 28 IO Servo Drive

Schneider Electric Lexium 28 range AC-servo drives for combination with the BCH2 servo motors. Lexium 28 servo drives have digital and analogue I/O as standard, an interface for CANopen/CANmotion fieldbus and an encoder interface for BCH2 servo motors. The servo drives incorporate numerous functions, including auto-tuning, position, speed, torque control, and the position sequence mode.

Automatic motor identification
Status monitoring
Log function
Relative or absolute positioning mode
Velocity mode
Torque control mode

Schneider Electric Lexium 28

The Lexium 28 range of servo drives and motors that are suitable for a wide range of positioning and precision speed control applications including, printing, packaging, winding and unwinding as well as materials handling.

The servo drives cover a wide range of power ratings from 0.05kW to 4.5kW, with two different types of power, single phase and three phase.

Attribute Value
Phase 1, 3
Control Function Encoder Feedback, Motion
Supply Voltage 170 <arrow/> 255 V, 200 <arrow/> 255 V
Current Rating 8.5 A
Voltage Rating 220 V
Power Rating 1 kW
Overall Length 150mm
Overall Width 55mm
Overall Depth 177mm
Minimum Operating Temperature 0°C
Maximum Operating Temperature +55°C
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