McLennan Servo Supplies 12 W Servo Motor, 24 V dc, 2.6Ncm, 4000 rpm

COO (Country of Origin): NL

40mm Servo Motor, MR Series

This ironless rotor servo motor provides all the essential features, necessary to achieve high performance servo operation, at an economic price.

Skewed coreless design for low inertia
High peak torque for rapid acceleration, deceleration and reversal
Precious metal commutation which provides accurate motor control
Smooth operation, free from cogging over a wide speed range
Low inertia characteristics ensures a rapid response in servo applications
May be fitted with an optional ovoid gearbox for increased torque and for output speed reduction

Mclennan Servo Supplies

Attribute Value
Maximum Output Torque 13.5 Ncm
Supply Voltage 24 V dc
Output Speed 4000 rpm
Power Rating 12 W
Stall Torque 2.6Ncm
Shaft Diameter 3mm
Length 39.9mm
Width 40mm
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