Crouzet Signal Conditioner, 24 V dc

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  • 製造商 Crouzet
COO (Country of Origin): BG

Crouzet Temperature Converter

The Crouzet Millenium 2+ range of temperature converters that deliver an analogue signal of 0VDC to 10VDC. It is fully compatible with Millenium inputs. It is used to diversify the type of sensors for analogue inputs. It has various input ranges Pt100/J and K thermocouples and temperature range. The 3-wire input and 17.5mm modular housing, DIN rail mounting.

Features and Benefits

• Compatible with Millennium 3 analogue inputs
• Operating temperature ranges between -10°C and 55°C
• Input range is 0°C to 300 °C
• Maximum output power greater than 1W


• Industrial automation
• Robotics
• Automobile industry


• CE
• CSA certified
• UL Listed
• ISO 9001
• ISO 14001
• OHSAS 18001
• IEC/EN 60529
• IP40
• IP20

Crouzet Millenium 2 Plus

Millenium 2 Plus has been designed to automate building and smaller machine applications. Many pre-programmed standard functions are available for counting, timing, comparison, multiplexing, time based programming, etc.,Non-expandable, expandable, and application specific starter kits are also available. All contain a Millenium II Plus unit, programming software on CD ROM, and serial (9-way D) PC to Millenium programming cable. The level control kit also includes four metal probes and a level sensor adaptor module. The HVAC kit also includes a 30W power supply, submersible -10°C to +150°C temperature probe and a 25A solid state relay with integral heatsink.

Application specific functions include pump rotation, cam timer, 8 value analogue store, PID, maths etc, in fact it will do virtually anything you want it to do!
Integrated calendar - clock, with up to 150 on/off cycles, programmable on date, day, week, month or year basis, with automatic summer/winter time change over
High-speed counter with 2 inputs on dc powered products; with max count speed of 4kHz
Two front panel buttons have user-definable functions and the remaining four allow parameter navigation and adjustment after the unit is programmed using software (stock no. 536-9203)
Programming software (stock no. 536-9203) is suitable for use with Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT4.0 SP5 and XP
LCD display with 4 lines of 12 characters and user controllable back light, can be used as small man-machine interface to display user defined messages or values
12Vdc, 24Vdc, 24Vac & 100-240Vac 50/60Hz models available, panel or DIN rail mounting
Expandable 20 I/O, and fixed 12 or 20 I/O versions available
Link two expandable units together using stock no. 444-5750
Water level control version of 12 I/O controller available which has four of the eight inputs dedicated to level control. Supplied with a 17.5mm wide level sensor adaptor module
Level control, HVAC and normal starter kits containing module, software and cable available
Program size 128 blocks, program memory: flash EEPROM, password protection
Data memory: 256 bits/64 words backed up for 10 years by lithium battery
Inputs: voltage discrete on/off (PNP on dc supply versions)
8 bit analogue inputs 0 to 10V (12 and 24Vdc versions) or 0 to 24V (24Vdc version only)
Outputs (isolated): N/O volt free relay contacts rated at 8A, one changeover output contact per module
Dimensions for Standard, Level Control and Expandable Units: H 90mm x W 72mm (12 I/O)/W 125mm (20 I/O) x D 60mm
Operating temperature range: -5 to +55°C

Attribute Value
Input Type Temperature
Output Type Voltage
Minimum Operating Temperature -5°C
Maximum Operating Temperature +55°C
Mounting Type DIN Rail
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