Analog Devices ADALM1000, Active Learning Module Education Demonstration Kit


ADALM1000 Active Learning Module, Analog Devices

The ADALM1000 module is an easy to use active learning tool that illustrates the relationships between current, voltage, impedance (resistance, inductance, and capacitance), introducing the fundamentals of electrical engineering. The ADALM1000 augments learning with a personal portable lab when used with a laptop or tablet computer. Pixelpulse application software provides an innovative graphical user interface (GUI) for visualizing and manipulating analogue signals.

Provides access to actual electronics circuits and concepts used in an actual real-time engineering environment
USB powered learning tool
Measuring and sourcing current (-200mA to +200mA) and voltage (0V to 5V) simultaneously on same pin
Oscilloscope (100kSPS), function generator (100kSPS)
16-bit (0.05%) basic measure accuracy with 4 digit resolution
Source and sink (2-quadrant) operation
PixelPulse 2 (open source software) supports Windows, Linux, OS X
Active Learning Interface (for) Circuits (and) Electronics (Python program)
Free downloadable lectures, labs, and course materials make curriculum deployments a breeze


Optional ADALP2000 Analogue Parts Kit.

Current Sensing Amplifiers have a voltage output that is proportional to the volt drop across a very low value resistor, usually in a high-current power rail. Hence they measure the current flowing in that power rail.

Attribute Value
Kit Classification Demonstration Kit
Kit Name Active Learning Module
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HK$ 353.62
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